Welcome to my blog. It’s just a glimpse of what runs through my mind from time to time. At the moment I’ve got this great idea for making a fabric covered box. Gee when I say it that way it’s no where near as exciting…But that won’t stop me. Just wait and see, its brilliant, and the cover comes off for washing or embellishing…I do like options!

I also love quilting and sewing. So you’ll see quilt patterns and sewing patterns appear from time to time. Pretty much anything fabric related, I love.

I hope you enjoy this.

Cheers Sewing Sue

Oooh I should really wear make-up
Oooh I should really wear make-up

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  1. Hi!
    I’m interested in purchasing one of your patterns. I was wondering if I could purchase it in a PDF (download) version rather than by post?
    Betty-Ann Poirier

  2. Hi Marilyn,

    Thanks for contacting me. You treat the bag as one piece and fold the sides towards the center at each edge of the bag.
    Happy sewing.
    Sewing Sue

  3. Sue,
    I purchased “Reversible Apron” pattern from a retailer and when I opened the plastic bag to look at the pattern pieces I only found the pocket template and no other pattern pieces. Am I missing other pattern pieces? Before I purchase another Reversible Apron pattern from you, I wanted to confirm whether I did or didn’t receive all the pieces before going to the expense again. Thank You for your help.
    Ps I can send you pictures of what I have if you’d like.

    1. Hi Sally, thanks for contacting me. There is a line on the pattern next to the Pocket line – this is the curve for the armhole section. There is a diagram next to the curve explaining where to use it. Sure this is a little unusual but it saves a lot of paper. Let me know if you need more assistance.
      Cheers Sewing Sue

  4. I’m trying to make the reversible apron but am stumped on how to make the tie openings. Is there a you-tube for this? I’m not an experienced seamstress so am looking for any help. Thanks

    1. Hi Sherry, thanks for contacting me. Sew each side of the opening separately then when the two sides of the apron are sewn together don’t stitch across the opening and that’s all you have to do.

  5. Dear Sue, I am making your Ruffle Bag. All templates give a test square (should measure one inch when copied). Do I have to alter the printed template? To make the bag. Thank you for your response.

    1. Hi Judy, thanks for contacting me. To print the pattern you need to set the printer to “Do Not Scale” or 100%. Otherwise the templates will be out of proportion, and most likely not fit together correctly. You will need to print pages 5, 6, 7 and 8 again. I hope this helps.
      Cheers Sewing Sue

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