Half Square Triangles – 2 at a time

Half Square Triangle

There are many ways to make half square triangles. You can make one at a time – simply use two squares the same size, place them right sides together and mark a diagonal line on the back of one. Stitch on the line, cut a 1/4″ from one side of the line and press open. 

Two squares the same size
Mark a diagonal line
Stitch on the line and cut away excess

Two at a time is similar but with less waste. Mark a diagonal line from corner to corner and stitch a 1/4″ from each side of the line. Then cut on the line! Here’s a video for that one, I didn’t even mark the line I just used tape on my machine and kept everything lined-up!

Two squares the same size.
Sew twice a 1/4″ from the centre line
Cut on the centre line and press.

More methods to come.

Cheers Sewing Sue

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