I’ve always found that when I’m ridiculously busy I suddenly have more new and creative ideas running around my head than I could possibly know what to do with. Or have the time to make and test. Busy At the moment I’m getting my house ready to sell. Finalizing curtains, making pretty pillows, painting walls, […]

Dress Boning – Chelsea Sun Hat

Hi all, I’ve had a few questions about dress boning lately, my favorite is Rigilene 1/2″ wide. I used it a lot when I made wedding dresses. Rigilene If you’ve had trouble finding Dress Boning to make the Chelsea Sun Hat. Here are some alternatives… Giant Cable ties available at Home Depot and hardware stores. […]

Sewing Sue

Welcome to my blog. It’s just a glimpse of what runs through my mind from time to time. At the moment I’ve got this great idea for making a fabric covered box. Gee when I say it that way it’s no where near as exciting…But that won’t stop me. Just wait and see, its brilliant, […]